We have a wide variety of cheeses available and this list is by no means inclusive.

Hard Cheeses:

Traditional Ayrshire Dunlop: A hard-pressed cheese not unlike cheddar but more moist. When young it is mild with a nutty flavour and smooth, close texture. As it matures it develops a good strength with a slight sharpness. Made by Dunlop Dairy.

Soft Cheeses:

Aitket:  A soft, white, mould- ripened cheese (brie, camembert style)  made from Ayrshire cows’ milk. When young it is firm with a chalky texture and fresh mild taste. Made by Dunlop Dairy

Camembert Grand Rustique: Extra full flavoured traditional cutting Camembert from France

Coeur Neufchatel: AOC, this Normandy Camembert type is heart shaped for that special occasion

Ailsa Craig: A soft Scottish goats cheese shaped like a rock with a creamy taste with a hint of goat. Made by Dunlop Dairy

Blue Cheeses:

Cashel Blue: A mild blue from The Republic of Ireland.

Blue Stilton: Handmade by Colston Bassett, one of the last independent Stilton makers, unrivalled in the World. Mellow and creamy.

Blacksticks Blue: Made by Butlers with milk from their own pedigree cows. Its distinctive orange curd is soft, smooth and moist with a tangy finish